Central Texas woman confronted at Walmart for breastfeeding

Posted: 5:20 PM, May 04, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-06 03:51:56Z
Central Texas woman confronted at Walmart for breastfeeding

One Central Texas woman took to Facebook to express her thoughts after being embarrassed in a Killeen Walmart.

Heather Shannon said she was at Walmart on Lowe's Boulevard in Killeen when she was confronted by a sales associate about breastfeeding her baby.

She posted this on Facebook after the experience:

"I just thought I would share for any other breastfeeding mommies that apparently some manager at the Walmart in Killeen has a 'policy' to use a cover while breastfeeding or you'll be asked to leave.

I was told this by an employee while checking out and I tried to explain that I can legally breastfeed in public, that Texas has laws saying I can and no where does it say you have to use a cover.

She just said "well for next time you know" because the manager doesn't allow it. I try to be discreet without using a cover because my daughter is 9 months old and pulls them off but it was really embarrassing having this lady confront me in front of strangers so I just walked out... "

News Channel 25 spoke to the manager of the Walmart in question who said he was "unaware of the situation" and he will address it with his workers.

Khim Aday with the Walmart corporate press office also made a statement. 

"We welcome nursing mothers to breastfeed their child in our store," He said. "We apologize to the customer for her experience and appreciate her for bringing this matter to our attention."

There are currently three new bills working their way up the ladder for approval. These bills would:

Strengthen the right to breastfeed

Give women a right to express breast milk at work

Enforce "mother-friendly worksites "

To figure out the current status of the bills you can go to Texas Legislature Online  and click on "My TLO."

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