Waco pregnancy center hoping to prevent abortions with ultrasound van

Posted at 2:46 PM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 18:45:13-04

A Waco pregnancy center has parked an ultrasound van outside an abortion clinic, hoping to help women reconsider their decision.

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas parked the bus outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on Ross Avenue Wednesday morning.

The center's staff said the van is not moving anytime soon.

It's the first time they said they've had to do something like this in about four years, now that the clinic has resumed abortions.

"We're just going to give it our dead-level best and pray that the community surrounds, that they support us, that they support this effort, and that they come out, too, and join us, because this is not something that we had thought we would ever be doing. But it's not something we feel like we have any other choice," Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas CEO Deborah McGregor said.

The van offers women free ultrasounds, among other services. At least a handful of women had already stopped by the van before noon, McGregor said.

"We pray that Planned Parenthood will decide to stop. We would still welcome that. We don't want to fight. We want them to just see that we do not want this business in our city. And it hurts women. Certainly it hurts babies. It hurts families," she said.

News Channel 25 reached out to Planned Parenthood through email for comment. A spokesperson replied and said they had "no new updates" and referred us to press materials about the clinic's announcement of its abortion services resumption Tuesday.

McGregor said its center provides women free services through private donations.

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