TxDot will close bridge in Temple overnight on Monday

Posted at 3:08 PM, May 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-01 21:59:17-04

The Texas Department of transportation will close the Central Avenue bridge in Temple starting Monday.

"I believe the closure will happen overnight around midnight on Monday," City Official, Shannon Gowan said.

It is unclear how long the closure will last, but it is clear that it's an effort to complete the ongoing I-35 construction.

Long Term Detours at Adams Ave. and Central Ave. will begin May 2:

Starting at 7 pm on May 1, significant changes will be made in the traffic patterns over I-35, on both the Central Ave. and Adams Ave. bridges (exit 301).  This will allow the contractor will continue to work on both the new Adams Ave. and new Central Ave. bridges at the same time. Concrete barrier and other controls will be in place to direct traffic in the new patterns. Travelers are encouraged to read all detour signs for proper direction and plan for extra time to drive through this area. Consider alternate routes for the duration of these changes.

Northbound Travelers: The northbound exit off I-35 to Central Ave./Adams Ave. will remain open in its current configuration. The existing northbound access road between Central and Adams will be closed. Exiting traffic will make a right turn onto Central Ave., where only one lane of traffic will be approaching from the west to merge with. The left turn (north) onto 31st will not be allowed. To access the businesses north of Adams Ave, travelers will be directed east to turn north on 29th, 27th, or 25th Streets (all with signals to control traffic access to Adams). After turning west (left) onto Adams Ave., they can access the businesses, and/or get back onto the northbound frontage road (with no competing traffic coming from the northbound access road.  

Southbound Travelers: The southbound exit off of I-35, to Central Ave/Adams Ave. will remain open, with some significant changes.  Access-road traffic will be able to stay on the southbound frontage road under Adams Ave. to access the businesses south of Central Ave. or to enter I-35 southbound. NO LEFT TURNS ONTO CENTRAL WILL BE ALLOWED, as the Central Ave. bridge will be demolished as part of the upcoming work. The traffic light at the Central/access road intersection will be removed, as there will be no traffic entering the intersection from the west. Southbound traffic will have to turn west (right) onto Adams Ave. to get to Airport Rd or FM 2305. Southbound travelers needing to access downtown Temple will need to turn south (left) onto 43rd St., 47th St., or Apache Dr., then east (left) onto Adams Ave. (The left turn (north) onto 31st will not be allowed.) Travelers needing to access FM 2305 westbound can use the same crossings and turn west (right) onto FM 2305. (This utilizes the same crossing detours that have been in place for some time now.) 

Eastbound Travelers: Travelers going east on Adams Ave. will be able to turn south to access southbound

I-35 or continue east towards downtown Temple. Eastbound travelers will be detoured from eastbound Central Ave. onto the  Adams Ave. bridge, which will be changed to a two-way (eastbound-westbound) configuration.  Once eastbound travelers cross over I-35, they will be directed south onto 33rd St. then east onto Central Ave. The left turn (north) onto 31st will not be allowed.

Westbound Travelers: Travelers going west on Adams Ave. (from downtown Temple) can access the northbound frontage road as usual, with no competing traffic from the frontage road south of Adams. Drivers continuing west will be directed onto Airport Rd. when they cross I-35. Westbound travelers needing to access FM 2305 or to turn back east (left) on Adams Ave. will use the existing detour crossings at  43rd St., 47th St., or Apache Dr. to turn south (left), then west (right).

Please see maps attached to this story on new traffic routes for those traveling in the area.

The city has released alternate routes and News Channel 25 is looking to get that information and more for you tonight at 10.

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