Firefighters honored at annual awards banquet

Posted at 10:54 PM, Apr 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-23 23:54:59-04

Waco firefighters were recognized for their service to the community at the second annual Waco Fire Department Awards Banquet Sunday night.

Fire Chief Bobby Tatum said the banquet was a time for firefighters to recognize accomplishments in the department throughout the year. 

"We have firefighters who have done significant things in the community, heroic efforts, heroic acts," Tatum said. "We have several fire fighters who have exceeded the call of duty."

The awards presented include:

  • Firefighter of the Year Award: Firefighter Richard Tupy
  • Career Achievement Award: Batallion Chief Don Yeaser and Lt. John Linda
  • Medal of Valor Award: Lt. Darren Meyer and firefighter Jicky Reich 
  • Unit Commendation Award:
    • Engine 9-C
      • Lt. Gerald Groppe
      • Engineer Michael Robertson
      • Firefighter Greg Callaway
    • Engine 2-A
      • Lt. Darren Meyer
      • Engineer Greg Groppe
      • Firefighter Jicky Reich

"We have individuals that go above and beyond everyday. They don't expect recognition but this is our time to recognize them. And show them that the community and the other firefighters appreciate the fire department," Tatum said.

The banquet was also a time to recognize retirees and allow the firefighters to share stories with one another. 

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