Congressman Bill Flores holds over the phone town hall meeting

Posted at 4:17 PM, Apr 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-20 00:00:05-04

In Representative Bill Flores' second of three town hall events, 2,781 people called in and the Facebook Live received more than 2,000 views. 

While the virtual town hall went on, protesters met outside of the congressman's Waco office. Alan Northcutt with Waco Friends of Peace/Climate organized the protest in order to get Rep. Flores attention on Climate Change and demand a conversation. 

"He's gotten a lot of heat since the election, but we believe if he takes the positions that he does, he should be willing to stand up meet his constituents and try to defend those," Northcutt said. 

Ellie Caston also attended the protest, "If he was having a face to face town hall meeting, I would be there." Caston believes in-person forums are the best way to address some of her concerns on health care reform. "It lets him literally look into our eyes and tell us what he is doing and understand whether we agree or disagree with him. It also gives us a chance for clarification and to talk to one another."

Representative Flores used the virtual town hall to address the work he's done so far, as well as look ahead when Congress returns from recess. One of the most pressing actions is passing the budget. "I'm hoping we don't have a lot of drama next week when it comes time to get together and fund the government," Flores said. 

Flores also outlined some of the challenges he is anticipating. "One of the challenges that I see as a member of the House and a conservative member of the house is we as Republicans are not unified in a direction to move forward."

It's unity people within the district want, too, "There are serious serious issues, I want to see his face and I want him to see my face," Caston said. 

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