CTX couple welcomes home 18th child

Posted at 4:41 PM, Apr 15, 2017
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Central Texas couple, Joseph and Linda Grab, recently welcomed home their 18th child bringing their family total to 20. 

"I remember telling my wife before we got married, 'I think we should wait a year before we have any children,' and she said, 'where is that in the Bible?'" Joseph Grab said. 

So, 10 and a half months after they were married, Joseph and Linda Grab welcomed their first child, Anna Grace, into the world. Fast forward about 21 years, and Anna Grace is the oldest of 18... the youngest, baby Samuel, just weeks old.  

"We believe that they're blessings and that they're all given from the Lord," Linda Grab said.

The Grabs don't prevent children...and therefore, have a house full of blessings...11 girls and seven boys. 

"We get along because we're taught a lot about relationships being in a large family," Anna Grace, 21, said.    

"Our parents have always taught us, that your siblings should be your best friends," Lydia, 15, added.  

And that's evident from the moment you are welcomed into the Grab home. But, they are still like all other brothers and sisters... there are just more of them.

"Sometimes, they get bored without us too," Anna Grace, 21, said.

"But sometimes it's peaceful and quiet," Daniel, 19, added.  

The Grabs spend about $1,500 per month at the grocery store and make all of their meals homemade. So, from a young age, all of the Grab children have been taught "not a toenail out of the kitchen" until everyone has helped clean up. 

"It's a lot of people making a mess, but it's a lot of people cleaning up and working together," Daniel, 19, added. 

So, from cleanups, to homeschooling, to playing instruments, the Grab children all lend a helping hand which stems from the buddy system Mrs. Grab put in place to make sure none of her children get left behind or feel left out. 

"Other than our toothbrushes, we share like everything, I mean really, we share just about everything, and we love to," Anna Grace, 21, added.

And while sharing is a good thing, Mr. and Mrs. Grab do make it a priority to spend one-on-one time with each child and each other.

"We go out on a date once a week, and we look forward to that," Linda said.  

But, they also look forward to going to church as a family each week where Mr. Grab is a pastor... because faith is the glue of the Grab family.  

"When people look at us and they think, oh these kids are underprivileged, the truth is we're tremendously blessed," Anna Grace said. 

Mr. Grab's father was one of 19 children, and both Joseph and Linda's parents have been married for 50 plus years... all of which are examples that guide the Grab family of 20. 

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