Waco seeks input about walking and biking in city

Posted at 3:03 PM, Apr 14, 2017
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The Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization is asking for the public's input regarding biking and walking in the city to develop its Active Transportation Plan Development.

The plan would provide a framework for improving walking and biking conditions through the year 2045, according to Waco MPO documents.

Currently, the city has an online survey that asks residents whether they bike, walk or use strollers or wheelchairs as ways to move around Waco. It also allows them to use an interactive map to list the locations where they currently walk or bike and where they would like to in the future.

According to a presentation the Waco MPO gave to the city council in March, it wants to ask residents where people want to go, the means of transportation they would like to use to get there and what prevents them from doing that right now.

Chase Moore said he usually drives his car to go downtown Waco but walks in that area constantly.

"I feel safe walking and the streets in Waco are very broad but there are a lot of places where the sidewalks have been interrupted or they have been removed,” Moore said.

The 31-year-old said it would be great to see walking conditions similar to the ones downtown around the city.

"I would like to see more uniformity, if they would be able to do what they've done in Austin Avenue and other parts of downtown in other parts of Waco that would be great.” Moore said.

David Morrow who is also a Waco resident rides his bicycle around Waco up to six days a week.

"My doctor says I need to get exercise every day. It's a little bit easier on the knees for an older person like myself. I also use my bike for transportation, to go to the store or go to my work, which is a couple of miles from my house,” Morrow said.

However, he said that at times, it can be tough to bike around the city.

"In the neighborhoods is not so bad but If you go to on the main streets, there is a lot of fast moving traffic, it's not necessarily more dangerous but there is a perception and it makes you uncomfortable,” Morrow said.

Morrow who is also the vice president of the Waco Bicycle Club said he has met with the city to make Waco a more bike-friendly city.

Something he said it could help residents be more active and it could be good for the economy.

"By making our town more attractive for people to get around by bike, you see more of those businesses relocating to those areas,” Morrow said.

After receiving input this spring, the list of projects, strategies, policies and programs will be prioritized.  The Waco MPO staff is expected to develop a draft expected to be available for public review in the fall.

The recommendations will be shared with the Waco MPO Policy Board for final approval next spring.

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