City of Waco hosts workshop on Airport Master Plan

Posted at 5:02 PM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 02:02:12-04

The City of Waco will hold a public meeting outlining the Waco Regional Airport Master Plan on Thursday. 

The master plan is a blueprint of some of the projects and ideas that the organization will be focusing on in the next 20 years. Director of Aviation, Joel Martinez describes the said "It's a planning document it's a living planning document that the FAA requires airports to do. So it allows the airport the city and the f-a-a identify where we want to be."

The projects are funded roughly 90 percent by the FAA the other 10 percent come from the City of Waco. 

Martinez said the the town hall and desire for public comment comes from the impact it will have on the community. "Whether it's aircraft, whether it's a noise concern, whether it a rerouting or an extension that's going to effect the roadway system, or we expand or parking lot. We have to operate within the community of Waco.

Michael Larsen is one of several community members who decided to attend. A member of China Spring's new neighborhood association board he was curious on how the projects may impact the area.

"We're going on be working on a lot of issues that are connected to the airport and general livability in china spring so I'm here specifically to talk about sidewalk and bike lanes that could run along the property line of the airport," Larsen said.

Thursday night, airport experts who worked on the plan were on hand to answer questions about some of the proposed projects. The projects include long term plans slated for as far out as twenty years and some we could see as soon as next year like the work to the drainage system.

"The airport really does have a lot of drainage that comes onto the field and we haven't been able to handle it efficiently to get it off the airport and so we do have a drainage study that's there and we have it slated for construction," Martinez said.

Some other project include relocating the runway and doing some construction updates to the airport terminal.

Martinez said that if you missed the opportunity to give input at tonight's meeting you can still weigh-in online.


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