Killeen gun range hosts 'Surviving a Shooting' seminar

Posted at 4:17 PM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 23:42:55-04

Shootings can happen in an instant. Texas Law Shield hosted a seminar today to educate participants on their gun rights.

Mountain Creek Range Inc. partnered with Texas Law Shield to host a "Surviving a Shooting" seminar Tuesday night. 

Participants learned what to do when confronted with an active shooter situation. They received real-life information on how to hand the initial situation and the aftermath of a shooting.

Texas law Shield is a program that protects the rights of gun-owners and any legal weapon owner in a self-defense situation. 

 "So we have attorneys that represent you and protect you against any criminal acts if you were to get charged with that," Area Manager Adam Baker said. 

Texas Law Shield attorneys Jean & Rick Fair say in addition to obtaining a concealed handgun license it is important to educate yourself. 

"You can protect yourself a little better if you know about the law and what your rights are," Texas Law Shield Attorney, Jean Fair said. 

"Part of that is having the right type of support" Mountain Creek Gun Range Owner, Robert Burroughs added. "And doing so we want individuals to be trained and be safe and responsible gun owners."

Today Texas Law Shield partnered with Mountain Creek Range to host a seminar on surviving a shooting and they touched on what to do after you fire your gun.

"When you are dialing 9-1-1 the situation may not be resolved. so it is important to keep your situational awareness going,"  Texas Law Shield Attorney, Rick Fair added. 

Texas Law Shield hosts seminars just like these at least three times a month. 

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