How self-defense classes act as an insurance policy

Posted at 9:04 AM, Apr 04, 2017
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Crime can happen to anyone at anytime, but it’s how you react to that danger that makes all the difference.

David Hill is a self-defense teacher at the Waco Boxing Club. He’s a three-time world kickboxing champion and a black belt in three different MMA styles.

“People go out and get insurance for their car, because they think it's important. They don't want to have an accident. You have to have it. Well self-defense is kind of like an insurance policy. You might never use it, but in the case someone does attack you, an you are with your family you might have a chance at saving your life,” Hill said.

According to the Department of Justice, every 98 seconds an American is assaulted. Self-defense classes could be your best bet.

“A lot of the clients I've trained. I've trained most of their kids, especially going off to college. because they are going to the campuses and they don't know what's going to happen.” Hill said.

Morgan Groppe, a senior Baylor University student, has trained with Hill since June 2016. She said the classes allow her not to worry as much if she is in an unfamiliar situation.

“I think it is important especially as a woman to be able to defend yourself. If you do go out and you do end up having to walk home late at night or be in a car with someone you are not really familiar with like Uber, you know what to do," Groppe said.

Hill said the moves he teaches in his self defense classes are relatively easy, but repetition is key.

So here are a few ways to get out of trouble:

If someone grabs you your wrist, use the other hand to grab the thumb of the hand the attacker is holding on to. Pull up and back while stepping with the leg on the opposite leg. Hill said balance is critical.

If the attacker then lunges towards you, stop them by the throat with the front hand.

Hill explains why this is so important. “ If [the victim] tries to stop [the attacker] with the back hand first, [their] shoulders aren’t square and [the attacker] could take them down,” Hill said.

You can add and elbow to the face and a knee to the groin for good measure.

The escape is much of the same if someone grabs you by both wrists - pull up and step back with your strong leg. Escaping a choke-hold can seem like a daunting thing, but follow these steps to get to safety.

Hill said you should raise your arms making sure you are on the outside of your attacker’s hands and turn around like a ballerina. Swing the arm around that is in the direction you are spinning and smack the attacker with your fist.

Hill said most likely the attacker won’t see it coming. The last move Hill shared is exiting a grab from behind.

It’s advised to lower your center of gravity, thrust your rear towards the attacker and run away if you can. David Hill believes the bare minimum to really get familiar with the actions are 30 minute self-defense classes 3 times a week for three months.

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