Belton community day of service organized by HS students

Posted at 4:22 PM, Apr 01, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:50-04

One Community, One Day was an event organized by high school students to encourage others to join them in lending a helping hand all across Belton.

"2017 we broke a record," Garrett Smith, the Vice Chairman of Belton's Youth Advisory Commission, said.  

There were twenty-one homes involved, three park projects, and 150 volunteers coming together to give back to their community.

"We aren't going through doing dramatic things, but we're doing things that just kind of beautify the home," Smith added.  

Groups of about five or six people went to the homes to trim trees, mow lawns and rake leaves. 

"A lot of the target is elderly individuals and those who just can't really afford it. So, we reach out to them, and we take care of their houses," Smith said. 

The day of service, led by the Belton Youth Advisory Commission, had people of all ages from church groups, school groups, and the Belton Police Department up bright and early to help those in need. 

"This house is kind of special. This is my second year actually doing this home, so I know her a little bit," Smith added. 

 "Last year was their first year helping me, and they were wonderful. I actually wrote a letter to Jeremy with Parks and Recreation letting him know to tell them how much I appreciated them coming to my home and giving of their time on a Saturday to come help me," Belton homeowner Gwendolyn Hester said. 

Hester said she couldn't have done most of it herself or afford to pay someone else to do for her. So she considers One Community, One Day a true blessing. 

"It makes you feel good once you see your yard like that," Hester added. 

"We wanna lend a helping hand and represent what our great city means," Smith added. 

Garrett Smith is only a junior at Belton High School this year so he has another year with Belton's Youth Advisory Commission. He said he looks forward to helping One Community, One Day continue to grow. His goal for next year: 30 homes!

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