Emergency workers prepare for severe weather

Posted at 10:54 PM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-29 00:57:28-04

Heaving rain and ravenous winds characteristic of severe weather season will roll into Central Texas this week, and emergency workers are urging people to stay alert. 

Matt Groveton, Emergency Management Coordinator for Limestone County said he dreads severe weather nights. Working in the position for over 11 years, he knows that things can get pretty serious, pretty fast.

"You really have to watch the situation throughout the day not just as it happens as it's right up on you," Groveton said. 

Groveton, keeps his ears to the scanners and eyes on the computer screens. As severe weather happens he sends alerts to Limestone County.

"We have our own  reverse 9-1-1- system that send out emergency calls whether it's inclement," he added.

Groveton said that no matter the way you get your alerts, take the warnings seriously.

"You need to stay aware of the changing conditions throughout the area," Groveton said. "That could basically save your life if you just take it for granted, I'll get a call, I'll get a text' that could end up being costly."

Thomas Pechal, Temple Fire and Rescue, said that it's best to stay cautious and avoid flooded roads.

"Interestingly enough 6 inches of fast moving water can knock an adult off their feet, 12 inches will float many small cars and 2 feet of fast moving water will float most vehicles including SUVS," Pechal said. 

Pechal said remain vigilant." During severe weather anything that is lightweight that's not secured becomes a flying projectile, or a missile if you will, and again if you happen to be out driving that could hit you"

Emergency workers also recommend owning a battery powered weather radio in your home, so if you lose power, you'll still be able to know what's going on.

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