Administrators encourage parents to promote perfect attendance in Central Texas schools

Posted at 7:53 AM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-28 15:20:22-04

With STAAR tests beginning Tuesday morning, schools in Central Texas want to make sure your student doesn't miss a beat.

Administrators in the area said absences could not only hold your student back, but it could also be damaging to their school. Like many things, an education requires time and money and when kids don't show up for class, they miss out on that time to learn and the schools lose funding.   

Missing school should not be an option for any students and Lisa Diserens the Director of Accountability and Assessment for Temple ISD said arriving late can almost have the same impact.

"I don't think parents realize that there's one time that their kids are either counted absent or present for the state for funding. So if they come after that time we lose that funding for the entire day," Diserens said.

Funding for average daily attendance is used to purchase technology, software programs, textbooks and other items to provide the best content and education for students. However, when they're absent or even late it impacts all students.

"They're losing interaction with their peer’s relationships with their teachers, and they're obviously missing the education piece," Diserens said.

Temple Independent School District generates an average of $30 a day for each student, while Waco ISD gains around $35 dollars a day.

Funding all to promote a better learning experience for every student. But when they don't show up  it limits their chances of learning and increases the opportunity to get in trouble.

"If they get behind they tend to drop out so attendance is a very strong sign of or indicator that a student might not make it to graduation," Diserens said.

Diserens also said the consequences could be worse students. They could obtain a ticket or be forced to appear in front of a judge for truancy. And being present and on time are good habits that all start at home.

Temple ISD allows up to 10 excused absences with a parent note before further action is taken. And officials at Waco ISD said they see around 6% of their districts population absent every day.

Both districts are hoping to promote change in the future.

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