Fort Hood soldier accused of making inappropriate comments, physically harming third grader

Posted at 4:21 PM, Mar 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-09 17:30:46-05

Gatesville ISD has released a statement regarding an incident in which a Fort Hood soldier made negative statements in a class. 

The incident happened on March 7 in a physical education class, according to a parent. 

A third grader told parents that a Fort Hood soldier, who was volunteering at a school, had made negative comments regarding the U.S. Marines and had put his hand on the student, twisting his neck. 

The student went to the hospital and had suffered a small neck injury. 

Gatesville ISD released a statement Thursday afternoon regarding the Fort Hood soldier. 

As a result of a recent allegation involving a Fort Hood Soldier and Gatesville ISD, GISD launched an internal investigation. Upon its conclusion, GISD has made a decision to deny this specific individual any future ability to volunteer. That said, this situation does not reflect on the thousands of volunteer hours many soldiers have dedicated to GISD and surrounding districts. We welcome the positive interactions that Fort Hood provides Gatesville ISD. Again, we are very sorry for this specific situation, but Fort Hood remains a positive partner with Gatesville ISD. 

Fort Hood responded to the allegations as well. 

The Fort Hood School Liasion Office is aware of this situation and is working to gather the facts toward resolution with the school and the parents involved. 

- Tom Rheinlander, director of Fort Hood Public Affairs

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