Central Texas College educates students about risks of drinking over spring break

Posted at 1:17 PM, Mar 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-09 14:51:12-05

While spring break is approaching for some students, and has already started for others, Central Texas College is making sure students stay safe.

CTC held their annual event making sure students understood the risk associated with drinking alcohol over break.

Organizers said they still want students to have fun and enjoy their break but they also want them to do it in the safest way possible.

Wednesday organizers at Central Texas College in Killeen held a spring break awareness safety event.

During this event students could participate in several activities that included mock sobriety tests using intoxication goggles. Each pair of goggles was an example of how a person’s vision would be impaired in between one and two times the legal limit if they were to drive drunk.

This event also educated students on other risks and fines associated with drinking and driving.

CTC’s Police Chief Mary Wheeler said they want students to have a good time on their break but they also want them to put safety first.

"People on spring break tend to be irresponsible and think they're bulletproof and that things won't happen to them. If we can reach one student and prevent them from going out and doing something careless during spring break, then we have accomplished our goal,” Wheeler said. 

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