Copperas Cove fire department begins routine hydrant testing

Posted at 10:17 AM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 11:20:06-05

The Copperas Cove Fire Department began its annual fire hydrant testing on Wednesday.

Testing makes sure that hydrants are operable and producing enough water pressure in the event of a fire. The routine testing will occur through July 9th.

According to Deputy Fire Chief Gary D. Young, there are multiple reasons that The Fire Department performs hydrant tests.

The testing monitors the health of the city's water system, identifies potential weak areas in the system, stirs up materials that settle in the water line, and cleans them out. In addition, fire personnel familiarize themselves with hydrant locations, and check that hydrants are visible along roadways.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, Deputy Chief Young warned that water may become discolored during the testing period.

Young notes, "If you notice discoloration in your water, it is not a cause for concern. The discoloration is not harmful in any way and residents are encouraged to run water until it is clear before washing clothes or drinking. In most instances, the water will clear in a few minutes. If the discoloration persists, residents should wait an hour and try again."

Residents were also asked to contact the City of Copperas Cove Water Department if hydrants are out or experiencing problems. The number to call is (254) 547-2416.

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