Man killed in club shooting was father of 3, visiting family

Posted at 12:13 AM, Mar 07, 2017
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The family of a man killed in a double murder at a local nightclub is speaking out while the accused killer is still on the loose. Damion Hopkins was a father of 3.

Monday afternoon, Hopkins' family is still reeling. Police said Hopkins was at Empire Club in Harker Heights just before six Saturday morning when someone opened fire in the parking lot - killing 27-year-old Hopkins and 42-year-old Dexter Prather of Waco.

Markeeis Hopkins, Damion's older brother, doesn't want his life reduced to the Saturday incident.

Instead, he wants him remembered for being a loving, funny guy.

"He didn't deserve it. I don't want his legacy to be he was at a nightclub and he was doing something he wasn't suppose to be doing, he wasn't. That's my little brother. He came back and he came back to visit family and have a good time," Markeeis Hopkins said.

Darwiniqua Hopkins still laughs when she thinks about Damion. Scrolling through his phone, she's reminded of the silly pictures he would take, and the pranks he would pull on her. Darwinqua can't help but smile.

The two met in Temple, their hometown.

"I remember him coming over to the house and my mom kicking him out all the time," she laughed. Damion was persistent, the two ended up getting married five years ago.

The couple moved to Colorado Springs. Even far away, family remained the most important thing for Damion. In fact, Markeeis said that's why he returned to Temple on a vacation to catch up with friends and family.

It was Saturday, Markeeis would get a call that made his heart sink.

"I think we were all shocked. I got the phone call I was like, 'He'll be okay,he'll be fine.' Then I thought, 'maybe he won't be okay, let me call back.'" Markeeis said. 

He was on the phone when he heard screaming in the background - he'd lost his baby brother.

Harker Heights police said the suspect is still at large. Sgt. Steve Miller said they have identified the suspect and are close to an arrest. The department refused to release any further details at this time. 

The Hopkins family is clear they want justice for Damion.

"I just want her to get the courage to step up like I did something wrong  I feel sorry about it I took two innocent people lives and I need to turn myself in."

Markeeis is remaining patient hoping the suspect shows remorse. 

"I'm going to let God's plan work itself out and when she does get apprehended I want in the courtroom for her to say sorry for what she did," Markeeis said.

Damion's Sister-In-Law Taniya Manuel said the family is a little frustrated with time it is taking to make the arrest, but focusing their energy towards forgiveness.

"For the simple fact that we all love God, and that we know who Jesus is, and we know what agape love means, we are going to forgive her. We do forgive her and regardless of what the situation was, I still pray that God have mercy on her and she comes to know Jesus," Taniya said.

With Damion gone, the family is now preparing to help three children live a life without their father.

"I'm going to make sure with everything in me my nephews go to college. That they do something with their life. I want them growing up saying my daddy's not here but my family my uncles made way for me to do the right things." Markeeis said.

And it's faith and Damion's legacy that's helping move Darwiniqua forward.

"He was always there for me. He was my strength, he gave me a lot of strength and I'm so grateful for the years I got to have with him," Darwiniqua said.

A link for donations for the family can be found here.

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