Elm Mott raising funds for new fire station

Posted at 11:02 PM, Mar 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-05 00:06:40-05

Elm Mott Fire Department currently responds to both emergency calls including health emergencies. 

"Whenever we hear those tones drop we rush in here get our gear on as you can see it's definitely cramped." Jonathan Gutierrez a volunteer firefighter said that with tight quarters they often find themselves bumping into each other. 

Elm Mott Assistant Chief, Jerry Price said as the fire department is growing, just like the city. "As the community grows and people start moving this way and more industry starts coming this way the need for new services is need."

That means new trucks, new equipment and a hopefully soon a new space.Right now the department is ran out of the Elm Mott water department building but it's no longer big enough for some of the equipment they need.

Right now, the department doesn't have space for some crucial equipment like a refill for SCBA tanks.  "Before a firefighter goes into a fire or vehicle they must wear their SCBA. If they don't have that we have to stop operations we can't get anything done." To refill those tanks, the department has to utilize Lacy Lakeview, Waco or Bellmead. Heading that far means lost time for the department. The future site he said will not only be a service to the ares they serve but will be a training area too. 

The department has a plot of land picked out for the new station. While Price said he wishes the site could be constructed tomorrow, but knows between planning, constructing and filling the building it will take time. "Hopefully within the next six months," Price expects the project to gain some momentum. 

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