Dozens wait in line for midnight release of Nintendo Switch

Posted at 3:53 AM, Mar 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-03 04:53:45-05

The wait is finally over for the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch. And for those who waited in line for it at the Best Buy in Waco, its release couldn't come any sooner.

Baylor University student Nick Tumminaro, 21, stood outside for 10 hours in the cool temperatures to get his hands on the new console.

"I've had my roommate ... he came and brought me some food. I've just been watching TV on my iPad and stuff like that ... hanging out," he said.

He wanted to be first in line because he hadn't preordered it and wanted to make sure he had a chance of getting it on release day. He stood in line about 2 p.m. Thursday. Doors opened at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

He wasn't alone, though.

More than 50 people lined up for the midnight release, including 21-year-old Chris Ramsay and his group of friends, who waited in line for about six hours.

"I've been a huge fan of Nintendo since the SNES, so getting the next Nintendo console is just the next big thing," Ramsay said.

He and his friends said they're looking forward to the Nintendo Switch's most innovative feature: its portability.

"I can just play it and decide to put it in my backpack and go somewhere else," Christopher Solis said.

Once inside, the hours-long wait ended in just minutes.

"I'm feeling pretty excited. I'm ready to stay up the rest of the night," Tumminaro said.

Others, though, like Amanda Zink and her 19-year-old son Tyler, who waited in line for about five hours, were just ready to warm up and get some sleep.

"I'm going to bed," Tyler said. "I'm just glad this is over so I can get in the heat," his mother Amanda added.

Best Buy employees couldn't say how many consoles they had available for the midnight release, but they did say they had limited quantities.

The Nintendo Switch is being sold at Target, Walmart, GameStop, and online. The cost is $299 without taxes.

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