CTX schools create MakerSpace areas

Posted at 6:38 PM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-03 00:26:59-05

Schools in Central Texas are creating "MakerSpaces" in their libraries to allow students to use their imagination and create things.

Midway ISD has five campuses, including Midway Middle School, that have areas specifically designed to create a place for students to build things.

Midway Middle School's library was transformed to provide tools and a space for students to have a hands-on learning experience, equipped with a 3-D printer and other supplies to build with.

"When I'm in here I feel like it's completely different and it's okay to get four boxes of cardboard and turn it into a giant rocket. Whereas at home, I feel like I can't do that," Gillian Gainer, a seventh grader at Midway Middle School, said. 

Her principal, Herb Cox, said the purpose of the MakerSpace is for students to build whatever they want. 

"Our kids need to be prepared for a world that doesn't really even exist yet and we hope that this classroom gives us those tools," Cox said.

Temple ISD is catching on to the trend too. Garcia Elementary recently created a MakerSpace in their library.

"What we're trying to do is get kids more involved and more than just reading, but making things applicable to later in life," Michelle Martinez, Librarian at Garcia Elementary, said.

Students are required to read five books about the MakerSpace subject before they are allowed to start creating things. The four areas include sewing, paper crafting, architecture and technology.

"They're getting to use of what they're reading and they get to make something," Martinez said.

The students seems to love it. David Johnson, a fourth grader, sewed for the first time thanks to the MakerSpace.

"My favorite part about using this space is just using your imagination and how you just can be creative," Johnson said. "Now I know how to make a bookmark from sewing."

Whether it's sewing, or 3-D printing, both school districts hope this will give their students an advantage in the years to come.

Garcia Elementary is also looking for donations to continue to grow their MakerSpace.

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