Texas named one of worst states for women

Posted at 1:14 AM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 11:12:29-05

Texas is in the top ten when it comes to the list of worst states for women to live in.

According to Wallet Hub, Texas ranks number 42 on the list. The study looked at 19 different factors. It was the state's ranking related to female health care that put it in the bottom. Texas had the highest number of uninsured women nationwide. In a measure of preventative health care, Texas ranked 43rd in access and quality.

CEO of Family Health Center in Waco, Dr. Roland A Goertz, said those numbers don't surprise him too much. Family Health Center connects those who can't afford medical care with doctors. "In being the safety net we take care of the vulnerable population those who find it difficult to afford care and any other  way." Dr. Goertz said.

Experts believe that health care access can improve the quality of life. "Study after study has shown if a person has health care coverage it means they seek appropriate care more frequently and therefore have healthier outcomes with their general health," Dr. Goertz said.That access is especially vital to women. For women, particularly women that are uninsured you aren't just impacting them you are potentially impacting the next generation. The child they may carry having appropriate care, early on, before they become pregnant is extremely important."

McLennan County Public Health Information Specialist, Kelly Craine echoed that sentiment, "To have healthy babies you have to have healthy mothers." In fact, it is the motivation for the Healthy Babies Coalition.

The coalition is made up of several health professionals that focus on improving the overall wellness of women who are childbearing age. "In this coalition we have the family health center physicians gynecologist coming together to educate women about preconception care prior to getting pregnant," Craine said.

Craine said the goal is to make women aware of the health resources available to them. "Everyone in Health Care has come together and said this is important we want to support this. That makes a big difference so you know when you go to your physician, you know they are  interested in your total care."

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