Lorena garden digs into Black History Month

Posted: 11:44 PM, Feb 26, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-27 05:53:11Z
Lorena garden digs into Black History Month

Children's Garden and Outdoor Classroom in Lorena is always about combining learning and garden.

Ashley Stephens, owner of the gardens, said that the point of the garden is,"all about hands on doing it being in nature and seeing the results from what we've done not just learning the information  but putting into action."

With February, and Black History Month, Stephens saw the unique opportunity to teach the kids about botanist Dr. George Washington Carver. 

"I love the story of George Washington Carver [and] things that he did that he promoted that are still relevant."

Dr. Carver grew crops like sweet potatoes and peanuts for hundreds of uses. He also encouraged self-sustainability through farming. It's a lesson that that young eight-year-old Ajonni Stephens-Dawson learned early.

"I like that you can grow your own food without buying it."

Ajonni said he enjoys gardening especially sweet peas.

"I do a lot of the picking--yeah picking and the eating."

While the garden is aimed at children. Stephens said she hopes the class gets the whole family in the backyard.

"There's this message that we need to teach our kids but really also there's a lot of adults that need it too so one of the things i like is the parents always come so I'm teaching the kids but also get to teach the parents."

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