South Waco neighborhood to see sidewalk project

Posted at 10:06 PM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 23:12:02-05

The city of Waco is looking for feedback on plans to repair and add new sidewalks near South Waco Elementary.

Wednesday, BSP Engineers, will hold a public meeting to discuss the sidewalk improvements in the area. The focus will be between Gurley Lane from 9th to 27th Street and along 12th Street from Kennedy Circle to Brown Avenue.

Rebecca Ortiz picks up her children from South Waco Elementary, right now they are too young to make the walk home. It's also a walk right now she feels nervous for them to make. "Children are having to walk into the road. They do need to increase it make it a little wider so the children can walk."

Director of Municipal Information for Waco, Larry Holze, said the city is making sidewalks a priority. "Sidewalks are important to everybody in Waco.They've gone in disrepair for longer than what we've wanted."

Holze said city council is taking strides to make the city more walker friendly. "You'll see bike lanes downtown and certainly the walking areas downtown are being improved. We want to spread that to the communities and neighborhoods as well and this is the first one that's in conjunction with South Waco elementary school. We want people to be able to walk to and form school and their homes not only safely but as smoothly as possible." He said.

The public meeting will be held at South Waco Elementary Wednesday at 6pm.

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