Visiting Angels and Emily Springer's family reach agreement in gross negligence case

Posted at 10:07 AM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:38:15-05

Jury selection for the civil trial involving Emily Springer's estate, and Visiting Angels was supposed to start just yesterday - but both sides reach an agreement today.

Emily Springer's children, George and Janet Springer alleged that Visiting Angels were grossly negligent after their mother was involved in a car wreck with one of their caregivers.

Court documents said the caregiver, Aimi Ariel Salazar did not properly strap Springer into her wheelchair in the vehicle properly, and that she suffered grave injuries during the impact because of how she was strapped in.

The court documents also said that although Springer complained of pain after the wreck, Salazar did not seek medical help in a timely manner, which resulted in Springer's death. 

Both sides of the case reached an agreement, but attorneys representing both Springer and Visiting Angels declined to comment. 

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