Friends help Waco family rebuild after fire

Posted: 7:35 PM, Feb 18, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-19 02:06:26Z
Friends help Waco family rebuild after fire

One Waco family's life has been turned upside down since their home caught on fire on January 17.

Edward Calderon and his wife Jennifer Calderon lived at their home for 19 years. Jennifer said she's always had a heart for animals.

"I take care of a bunch of feral cats community cats," Jennifer said.

 So when the whether got cold earlier this year, they built a pet condo on their porch for animals to get in and get warm. 

In the pet condo it was a heating lamp, which caused the fire. Jennifer said she was sitting at her desk when she heard "some surging noises."

She went to the front of the house and found everything one fire.

"The whole porch was starting on fi,e and I was like 'what the heck.' So I come over and grabbed the hose and that hose wouldn't produce no water," she said.

With the front of the home engulfed in flames, they moved fast trying to make sure everyone was out of the house.

"I ran back and asked if she got my mom out and she said she couldn't get her out.  She kept going back to try to get things so I went back in two or three times but I couldn't get back in," Edward said.

His mother Dorothy would end up with burns to her hands and her face. She is still at Parkland Hospital in Dallas recovering.

Edward said while she has good days and bad days, he'd like to visit her more often but can't make the trip due to lack of transportation.

Along with the injuries, the family lost four of their pet cats that day.

With a shaky start to the year the family is hoping to rebuild but are having a difficult time.

"I'd give the shirt off my back or my last dollar if I had it and someone needed it. I'm just asking if someone out of the kindness of their heart to help me in need when I need help," Edward said.

Friends and family got together Saturday for a fundraiser for the family. Kathy Marshall said she's known the Calderon's for years and they've always been giving people.

"They're good people they will help anybody out anyway they can so now it's their turn," Marshall said.

With the help of their friends, the Calderon family is hoping to repair the damage to the home.

"It's not a total loss I can fix it I got if I got family and friends," Edward said.

Friends have also set up a GoFundMe page. To find out how you can donate and help the family, click  here.

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