Soldiers return home after deployment

Posted: 12:03 PM, Feb 11, 2017
Updated: 2018-11-03 15:19:47-04

Saturday was a day more than 100 soldiers and their families waited at least nine months for. 

Soldiers from the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade were welcomed home on Fort Hood shortly after 10 a.m.

"We are excited because I feel that this is our last deployment. He's been in the military going on about 23 years now, and this is a very exciting time for us," Kiki Williams, wife of MSG Carey Williams, said.    

A sweet reunion for one hundred military families because after nine months of deployment overseas, their soldiers are finally home.

"When they leave, you can kinda like get the blues about it, but you kinda stick to the mission knowing that they are fighting for us. And you know it's for a reason," Williams added. 

And it is that reason that keeps spouses going while their loved ones are away. 

"My husband makes a lot of sacrifices for his country, and I'm happy to help him, you know, be the one behind keeping the family strong," Brooke Lowe-Farmer, wife of Cpt. Michael Lowe-Farmer, said. 

Brooke Lowe-Farmer is still fairly new to motherhood with three children all under the age of three. 

While her husband was away, the Lowe-Farmer family nearly doubled in size... and it all started with the adoption of their son, Clark. 

"Well we've had him since birth, and we pretty much knew from day one that he was meant to be ours, so that was a blessing. And then, we found out that I was pregnant shortly before Michael left, and that was just another blessing. And we we're just excited to get our family started," Lowe-Farmer added. 

Now a family of five, the Lowe-Farmers look forward to their time together to grow closer, and they said naps are in store for everyone. 

"He's a great Dad, soldier and Dad," Lowe-Farmer said. 

Col. Richard Harrison said the 69th ADA Lightning Brigade Headquarters' plane erupted with clapping and cheering when they touched down on U. S. soil.

He added they are a "team of winners" who are happy to be home.

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