Volunteer firefighters continue to battle warehouse blaze

Posted: 7:37 PM, Feb 08, 2017
Updated: 2017-03-02 22:38:13Z

The fire at a G.A.P Roofings' warehouse is under control, mostly thanks to the efforts of dozens of volunteer firefighters. 

Firefighters responded to a fire at the warehouse around 2:00 p.m., on Feb. 7, and started working on putting the fire out. Volunteer firefighters from McGregor, Moody, Coryell City, and Oglesby responded to the fire, along with firefighters from the Waco Fire Department. 

More than 30 volunteers came out to fight the four-alarm fire. 

Marty Dominguez is the chief of McGregor's volunteer department and Van Smith is a man who's volunteered with since he was 18-years-old. They both said they spent hours fighting the fire.

"I've been here all day yesterday, all morning long," Dominguez said. "I missed all day at work -- eight hours today, four hours yesterday -- so I've been here 12 hours," he added. 

"I've probably been here ten hours," Smith said. "I figured I needed to help volunteer to help my community out."

Both men said volunteering for the department is something they're dedicated to.

"It's very important to help a small town community," Smith said. "We try to give back to the community when we can, and that's one way we can do it."

"Being a volunteer, it takes a lot of dedication to do what we do," Dominguez said. "I believe there are four of us during the day time who can actually leave their jobs to come serve the community."

Domniguez said the volunteers were not able to fully put the fire out because they did not have the resources they needed, and they did not have enough water. He said will continue to watch the controlled burn until it goes all the way out.

"I'd like to be here all day, all week, however long it takes to make sure nothing happens," the volunteer chief said. 

Smith said he would encourage anyone interested to join the volunteer department. 

"A volunteer fire department is a great place to volunteer and give back to the community," he said. "We do it for the good of the community."

Doniguez said the fire could burn for at least another day because of the materials burning inside of the building. 

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