Road construction affects CTX property owners

Posted at 10:39 AM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:47-04

Some Central Texas property owners will be affected by road construction for almost the next five months.

The City of Temple is constructing a new roadway and has closed Ave. U from the intersections of 11th St. to 5th St. 

Property owners have access to their homes, but parking on the street is prohibited. 

There is a detour route that uses Ave. T and Ave. V instead. 

"It's a very important project in our Transportation Capital Improvement Plan. It ties the connectivity together of the Baylor Scott & White hospital, the VA hospital and Temple College," Shannon Gowan, Director of Communications for the City of Temple, said. 

Mr. Sanchez knows the area well, he's lived at the corner of Ave. U and 11th Street since 2010.

"I'm in between VA hospital and a Scott & White, and it's gonna be a whole lot easier... when they get through with it, it's gonna be a whole lot easier for me to go to the mall, HEB or to the loop. You know, it's going to be real close," Ruben M. Sanchez said. 

While it may easier for him in the future, before…

"This area right here was mostly blocked area. I mean you couldn't go too far. You had to go back to Ave. R or go to 5th Street to either go to the mall, HEB or get to the loop... wherever you wanna go," Sanchez said. 

Because he sees smooth traveling in the future, Mr. Sanchez said he isn't upset by the construction.

He's also appreciative of how the City of Temple kept property owners informed of how the project would impact them daily. As for the road closure Sanchez said…

"I can live with that you know. And I like it pretty good because they already you know told me ahead of time and stuff like that, so the way they're doing it... it's real good," Sanchez added. 

Besides helping to alleviate the traffic congestion residents are used to, the construction of new road is bringing other amenities. 

"They're gonna have a walkway, they're gonna have emergency buttons. There gonna have benches, they're gonna have a bicycle lane, and everything else. So, once they get through with it, it's gonna be a real nice area up in here," Sanchez said. 

The emergency buttons Mr. Sanchez mentioned will be well-lit emergency stations where anyone can walk up, hit the call button and emergency personnel will be on the intercom there instantly ready to provide assistance and send someone to the area. 

Once the stretch of road between 5th St. and 11th St. is complete, construction is set to move between 5th St. and 1st St. to finish out the new road. 

The second phase is expected to be complete by the end of summer. 

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