CTX cattle ranch to be on 'Billion Dollar Buyer'

Posted at 8:13 PM, Feb 04, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:47-04

One Central Texas cattle ranch is getting national attention.

44 Farms started right here in Central Texas and hasn't left.

"44 Farms was the first brand by my great-grandparents back in 1909, and they filed that in the Milam County Courthouse, and it's still there today. And we do business under that great, historic brand," President and CEO of 44 Farms Bob McClaren said. 

Nowadays, people want to know where their beef comes from and who their rancher is.

"From conception to the plate, we're involved in the entire process of beef production. So, we are making selections on the bulls and the females that we use in our genetics program which trickles down all the way to that eating experience that people have in their favorite restaurant or at home," McClaren added.

44 Farms uses no hormones, and their branded beef program is all natural producing only USDA Prime and Choice meats.

"Here in Cameron we have several thousand head that are part of our genetics program, and they provide the seed-stock for us to continue to improve the Angus genetics for those cattle that go all over the country," said McClaren.

44 Farms Angus beef can be found not only on ranches across the nation, but restaurants, too... including the Willard Hotel across the street from the White House. 

"And this weekend for the Super Bowl, we will be in Houston at NRG Stadium, which is a great customer of ours, and be providing the beef that is served in the suites and in the club levels throughout the stadium. So, it's a big weekend for 44 Farms," McClaren said. 

But, the excitement at 44 Farms doesn't stop with the Super Bowl!

Mr. McClaren and 44 Farms will be featured on the hit television show, "Billion Dollar Buyer," Tuesday, Feb. 7th!

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