CTX teacher starts each class with motivation huddle

Posted at 11:48 AM, Feb 03, 2017
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A Central Texas teacher motivates her students for math each day in a unique way.

Curley uses high-fives, huddles and chants to get her students ready to learn everyday in preparation for the STAAR test. 

This is Mandy Curley's first year to use a motivational huddle in her classes at Hector P. Garcia Elementary school in Temple.

Three times a day, Mrs. Curley welcomes a group of bilingual fifth graders into her classroom to get them motivated to learn math.

"It doesn't matter how good your lessons are. You can spend hours making the perfect lesson plan for your classroom, but if those kids don't want to be there, nothing is going to get through," Mrs. Curley said.

But, these kids are all smiles because they're going to their favorite class of the day. 

After their motivational huddle, the class breaks into table groups, and are announced like NBA teams. 

"Like in the huddle that was back there, I was excited for it because I wanted to learn and get other people excited for their STAAR that's coming up," Anthony Arzapala, a student of Mrs. Curley, said.

"The majority of them are very nervous and stressed out. So this is just one way to encourage students and to relieve that stress and just say "hey it's okay. This is what we've been working on all year, and let's have fun when we do it," Mrs. Curley said. 

Mrs. Curley's class works as a team to help each other stay motivated and be successful.

"It just makes my day perfect, and I like it," Arzapala added.

Yamilette Hernandez translated for and agreed with her fellow classmate, Shelsey Lopez.

"That she's happy to be in this class... so am I," Hernandez said. 

Not only does Mrs. Curley greet every student with a high-five and then join them in the huddle... she also leads them in complimenting each other and giving each other high fives before they start their work for the day. 

Mrs. Curley also has her students write down a goal each day and their classmates... or in their case... teammates, help them stay accountable.

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