Governor Abbott delivers State Of The State address

Posted at 12:46 PM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 14:08:26-05

Tuesday, in the Texas capitol, Governor Greg Abbott gave his State of the State address for the 85th annual legislative session.

The governor highlighted his agenda for the year which included four emergency items that he considers a top priority.

  • Reforming Child Protective Services
  • Banning Sanctuary Cities
  • Implementing meaningful ethics reforms
  • Passing a resolution for Convention of States

Some of those important issues include border security being a major focus amidst President Trump's recent actions on immigration.

Governor Abbott's top priorities include doing away with sanctuary cities or areas where local leaders do not enforce federal immigration laws.

Another top priority was dealing with the child welfare system to prevent any more child deaths. Governor Abbott said he’s aiming to help minimize the number of foster children waiting for homes, and to make sure they're protected by the Department of Family and Protective services. 

One more important topic was centered around education. Gov. Abbott discussed the state’s public school financial system. He also talked about implementing a school of choice program that would let parents choose the schools their children attend.

“Because education is essential to preserving Liberty we must continue to invest in early education, higher education and expand school choice in Texas,” Governor Abbott said. 

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