Renovations to Nolanville City Park are right around the corner

Posted at 10:20 AM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:46-04

A run-down area in one Central Texas city is getting a much need face lift.

The city of Nolanville said they are about to get in the swing of things, and the park should be ready just in time for summer. 

"I'm a military wife, and we move around a lot so friends come and go. And it's really nice to get out of the house, take my daughter out, to meet other wives, meet other moms, to meet other kids," America Ives said. 

Lots of parents in Central Texas, military or not, spend their days at city parks for a number of reasons. But when those parks are run down and not up to par, parents are forced to go elsewhere and sometimes that can be too much of a hassle. 

"If you have multiple kids, get all your kids together, get them into the car, drive what could be twenty, thirty minutes to a park, stay there for an hour. I mean, to me, although there is a great benefit to going to the park, it wouldn't be worth it," Jessica Benefield said. 

Luckily, Nolanville has paved the way for it's park to have some major renovations which include baseball fields, soccer and football fields, a skate park, playgrounds and a splash pad. 

"Splash pads, honestly, they are like the best invention ever because you don't have to worry about you know having multiple kids, keeping an eye on them if they're under the water or drowning. It's a very safe environment for children," Ives added. 

The city of Nolanville's Planning and Zoning, Economic Development Corporation and City Council all worked together to fund and provide the concept of the park project. The city hopes it will bring the community together. 

"With the high crime rate, you have a lot of people that live in the area just come together and hangout. Take their kids, get to know each other, the communities can just be a more tight-knit family in a way. And this is their meeting spot, their hangout spot, their go to," Ives said. 

The park improvements were made possible through two grants: a Texas Parks and Wildlife Small Park grant and a Texas Department of Agriculture grant. 

The E.D.C. and the Parks Operational Budget have matched those grants. 

"I just feel like parks just kind of make everything easier. Like your kids get to run out energy, you get to hangout with friends, you get to meet new people, fresh air, just kind of like the whole shebang right there," Benefield said. 

The concept for the park renovations was designed by Studio Balcones. 

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