Temple High School students invited to state capital Schoolhouse event

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 15:43:49-05

Some Temple High School students have been invited to participate this year at the Texas Capital Schoolhouse event.

The event will take place Monday, Jan. 30 at the Texas Capital Basement Rotunda in Austin.

Texas Capital Schoolhouse is a legislative event that provides students and teachers the opportunity to showcase technology used in their classrooms. 

Students will also get the opportunity to observe other technology programs and have one on one conversations with their legislators. 

Temple High School offers a program called STIR, which stands for student technology integration and repair program, and allows students to have different roles when it comes to Chromebooks. Some students will work on a broken Chromebook while others will train teachers how to use them.

Jessica Mays is an instructional technology specialist within the program and believes being able to participate at the Texas Capital Schoolhouse event opens doors for many of the students. 

"We think that this is a great opportunity for them to communicate with people that they would not run into on a daily basis," Mays said.

Ajani Rogers is a senior at Temple High School, and he said he's excited to be apart of this program that is giving him the opportunity of a lifetime. 

"Honestly before I joined this program I wasn't really technologically inclined," Rogers said. "Joining this program has made me want to study computer engineering."

Temple High School students are excited to present this year and show state leaders how much technology is preparing them for the future. Garrett Mathesen is a sophomore at Temple High School and says that they believe that having internet in all schools is important.  

"We allow students to have access to the internet in school," Mathesen said.  "And what we are trying to do is help integrate internet into more homes across the state of Texas. "

Temple High School is the only school to ever be invited from Bell County and looks forward to representing Temple ISD.

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