Republicans gather to watch inauguration, offer advice to Trump

Posted: 7:18 PM, Jan 20, 2017
Updated: 2017-01-21 01:33:01Z

Even though there are some protesting Donald Trump's inauguration, plenty are celebrating it.

McLennan County Republicans hosted a watch party in Waco Friday at their headquarters. News Channel 25 talked with some of the people there who have hope and advice for Trump.

As Samuel Walker watched Donald Trump's inauguration, the 18-year-old not only saw history in the making but he also carried on a family tradition.

"It was fantastic being able to vote for Trump the first time I voted. My dad, first time he voted, voted for Ronald Reagan. So, this was carrying on the legacy. It's great," Walker said.

The freshman at Baylor University said he did not vote for Trump just because he's a republican.

"I feel like he cares about the American people, rather than other powers. I don't like us spending money overseas, when our country's falling apart," Walker said.

Walker and the other people at the watch party in McLennan County share that belief.

"His mantra of 'Make America Great Again' resonates with almost everybody," said Jon Ker, the chairman of the McLennan County Republican Party.

The 45th president stuck with that mantra during his speech continuing the hope his supporters have for his presidency.

"I hope the country will be patient with him because it's not going to go that fast. The government just doesn't move that fast," said Justice Rex Davis of the 10th Court of Appeals.

While it might take some time, supporters said they do, of course, want to see Trump fulfill their expectations.

"Repeal Obamacare, number one," Walker said.

"I expect to see a wall, or at least some barrier so that our borders are secure," Ker said.

They also have some advice for the president to get that done.

"I would give him the advice that he needs to work not only with as it stands, the Republican party, but particularly in the senate. He only has a very slim majority. And I am hopeful that he can work with Senator Schumer, the minority leader," Davis said.

Even though the future is uncertain, Walker said he hopes Trump will gain more support as the years go by.

"I feel like he's really connecting with everyone through his speech today," Davis said.

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