Protecting yourself from every day bacteria that can make you ill

Posted: 12:11 PM, Jan 17, 2017
Updated: 2017-01-17 18:15:11Z

Most people don't realize how much bacteria they encounter every day, and that could lead to them taking more sick days at work.

However, if everyone takes a few extra cleaning steps throughout the day, people can minimize that from happening. 

Washing your hands is obviously one way to minimize germs but studies show that just by touching the same objects people often pass along harmful bacteria.

Microbiology Professor Joshua Horton from Baylor said, common things people use every day like vehicles, work desks and cell phones are at risk of holding high levels of bacteria. But, if people sanitize these more often they can limit their chances of getting sick.

“Generally speaking, things that do have a lot of bacteria on them are things like door handles, cell phones, and there a really great way to accidentally pass along sickness and disease,” Horton said.

Professor Horton also believes making a habit of frequently cleaning items like your steering wheel, cell phone and work desk, can prevent you from catching many illnesses. Some of those illnesses include pink eye, the common flu virus and diarrhea among this list of others.   

“Other really common things are like skin infections, for example we've heard probably in the news about Merca, which is a staph infection. That can easily be transferred on an object if you happen to touch it and you have say an open wound,” Horton said.

Professor Horton said if you share your work space or vehicle with someone you have a much higher chance of spreading bacteria. People can protect themselves by sanitizing these areas at least once a week with a disinfectant wipe if its personally occupied.

If the items are shared  with others, people should wipe it down every day or every couple of hours throughout the day to limit the amount of bacteria exposure.

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