Firefighters' association attends councilman's meet and greet, asked to leave

Posted at 10:35 AM, Jan 14, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:45-04

A first responders' association attended the meet and greet of a local councilman after claims that the councilman refused to meet with them.

The Killeen Professional Firefighters Association (KPFA) to social media to air out the problem.

A chance to have coffee with Killeen City Councilman Gregory Johnson apparently wasn't open to everyone.

"I submitted a question as a resident of Killeen, and the response I got back from Mr. Johnson was that due to some recent tensions between himself and the first responder community that he wasn't going to allow certain people to attend. Those three people being myself, Bobby Castillo and Ms. Kimberly Hornsby-Waggoner," said Marc Clifford, President of KPFA. 

Marc Clifford and Bobby Castillo stopped by anyway.

"So, we came not as representatives of our respected organization but rather as concerned citizens," Clifford added.

When he got there, Clifford said a police officer greeted him and quickly asked him to leave per Johnson's request.

"I refuse to allow this event to turn into something that is a negative way, and so those three individuals, I asked them to respect my decision," said Councilman Johnson.

"Well since he's been seated we have been trying to get in contact with him requesting meetings and things like that," Clifford said.

Johnson has said that's because he wants to meet with people, not organizations.

"I support them in their mission to provide the safety for our citizens, but I want to hear that from individuals and not the association," said Councilman Johnson.

Ever since he said that, Johnson's relationship with Clifford and the firefighters association has gone downhill.

"Hopefully relationships will get better and we can have the opportunity later on to sit down and have coffee and talk," Councilman Johnson added.

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