Belton building sees new life as Bridal Boutique

Posted at 1:02 AM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 02:02:03-05

A building in Belton was on its last leg after being abandoned for nearly twenty years. Thanks to a mother-daughter duo and a whole lot of hard work, the building got another life.

Owner of Tirzah, Deborah Arldt-Roberts remembers the first time she saw the storefront. She had just parted ways with her daughter while wedding dress shopping. She said she was praying and made a turn off her normal route, and came across the building. "I loved the facade, I loved the details by looking at it, I could tell it was abandoned," she said. 

When she peered through the outside glass, she could see a baker's window on the inside. Intrigued, Arldt-Roberts inquired about the building at the tax office. She soon purchased the building in an auction, sight unseen, what she describes, as an act of faith. A faith they say guided the process. The name Tirzah even comes from the book of Psalms in the Bible 

When Arldt-Roberts and her daughter, co-owner Candice Bahnsen, entered the building for the first time they knew they had their work cut out for them. "When walked in, the back wall was falling down, the floor was missing,  it was very messy it looked like it needed a lot of work," Bahnsen said.

Not only were there structural issues, there were items still left over from the spaces time as a bakery. Rolling pins and muffin tins a mixer and oven still sat in the space. 

The duo said it was a labor of love, with the work of contractors, in just over a year they were able to make their dream a reality.

 The remodeled building houses a Bridal Boutique. Rather than dresses and accessories they plan destination weddings, romantic trips and serve as an event venue. While they are excited to make their own memories in the new space, it was important to preserve the rich past.

Throughout the boutique, are details from the previous owner. In the front room, at the baker's window, Bahnsen, takes a picture of those visit. Throughout bright blue teal accents doors and picture frames. That color is a part of the original color on the wood. "[This color was on] the back door so we tried to match it and get the same colors throughout the store," Bahnsen said. 

Upstairs is a photo gallery of the remodeling efforts documenting the steps from the first time they saw the building. There are also pictures of the previous owners, as well as, some of the information Ardlt-Roberts dug up. She said she spent a significant amount of time reading old articles and even reaching out to family members of the Gillmeister family who owned the space. 

Not only did members of the family share some information on the building, a 91-year-old grandson attended the ribbon cutting Saturday and was the first to officially take the tour. 

Ardlt-Roberts acknowledges the process was long but totally worth it. "It's really such a good feeling to know that this was transformed and it has a life for future generations to enjoy."

The duo is looking forward to holding their first wedding at Tirzah in February. For more information on the boutique and their rich history, you can check out their Facebook page. 

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