Medical professionals are using yoga to help heal patients

Posted: 5:07 PM, Jan 06, 2017
Updated: 2017-01-07 00:26:03Z

While people are exercising more to promote health for the new year, doctors said practicing yoga could also have major health benefits and even improve brain function.

The foundation of yoga is breathing and breathing is essential to life.

Dr. Tammy Herbert, from Scott & White’s Bone and Joint Institute said the types of breathing they practice helps to balance out the nervous system.

Studies show that yoga facilitates thinking and can help with dementia and cognitive issues, while also decreasing blood pressure. Other studies suggest that people tend to lose weight faster practicing yoga.

Dr. Herbert said yoga is so beneficial for the body that medical professionals are starting to use this practice to help heal their patients.

“Within physical therapy we take that whole medical aspect of it and combine it then with the yoga to adapt it to that individual. We teach them how to stabilize something that’s too loose or to strengthen something that’s too weak,” Herbert said.

Doctor Hebert said within physical therapy professionals tailored the treatment to person’s medical issues or injuries, which helps heal their body with yoga.

Owner and Instructor Suzanne Jaroch of Soulful J Yoga Studio in Belton said people often misconceive how hard of a workout it is.

Although the workout can be difficult people who practice usually benefit from becoming more flexible on the mat and in their lives.

“When you feel better about yourself you just tend to do better, you tend to eat better. It's a new year make time for yourself,” Jaroch said. 

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