Woman tries to pay her 'PawPaw's' parking ticket 57 years later

Posted at 10:35 AM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-04 11:50:34-05

Chief Darryl Barton with the City of West Police Department received a very interesting Facebook message earlier this week.

A young woman named Renae Thornton reached out to Barton. She said her “Paw Paw”, Delbert Kyle, had a very old traffic ticket, possibly from the 1950’s, that he received in West. Thornton said her Paw Paw had been “meaning to show us, but was not real sure if he had paid it.”

With a sense of humor, Barton said, “Well now, let me see… late fees, court cost, failure to appear charges…this could get expensive. Sure, come on over. Let’s talk about this…JUST KIDDING”. Barton told Thornton, “No worries, but I would be very interested in seeing this piece of history.”

Thornton went to her Paw Paw’s and found the ticket so she could snap a picture and send it to Chief Barton. Sure enough, it was a ticket dated April 27, 1960 and indicated on the front that it was for having only one headlight.

The back of the ticket showed a date of April 30, 1960, with “No Drivers License” written on it and a fine of “$10.00 paid”.

The back was signed by George Kacir who was the Mayor of West at that time.

Chief Barton said he inquired with the court clerk who said there are no records dating that far back in the court office. Barton then went upstairs at city hall to sift through some “dusty files”, but nothing turned up.

Barton later called West Municipal Judge David Pareya who said he remembered Officer Don Cathey, the officer who issued the citation, as well as Mayor George Kacir.

Based on the receipt on the back of the original ticket, signed by Mayor George Kacir, the ticket was “Paid in Full”. Chief Barton said Paw Paw Delbert Kyle is free to come to West now.

“Oh, but be sure your headlight works,” Barton said.

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