Central Texas cities made the Texas Most Dangerous Intersections list

Posted at 9:03 PM, Jan 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 10:30:09-05

Several Central Texas cities have ended up on a list of the most dangerous intersections in Texas. 

The list was compiled by Houston Attorney Brian White. White used data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) on crashes. All of the 279 sites had more then 48 collisions. 

Waco made the list with three intersections. Temple also had three intersections and Killeen had two intersections on the list. 

The information is nothing new to TXDOT, it is information that public information officer Ken Roberts said the group routinely monitors. 

"Having that information together in our database allows us to look at roadways throughout the state particularly from the standpoint of things that may be taking place on that roadway that we can effectively impact," Roberts said. 

Brian White, who put together the visualization of the information, did so after seeing a spike in the accidents that he believes are preventable.

"The information seems to correlate with people not paying attention. When you're in a car wreck and one car has a red light and the other has a green light but both of them say they have a green light, it means someone was not paying proper attention," White said. 

Roberts agreed saying ultimately, it's up to drivers to stay safe.

"A signal, a pavement marking, whatever it might be, is not going to prevent a crash. Motorists prevent crashes."

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