Central Texans share New Years resolutions

Posted at 8:20 PM, Jan 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:38:10-05

The start of the new year means the beginning of a new chapter for a lot of people, and that new chapter usually starts with a list of New Year's resolutions.

iQuanti is a data driven marketing company that recently came up with a list of this year's most popular New Year's resolutions. At the top of their list is getting healthy.

The company reportedly made up their list based on how people searched Google, from January to October of 2016.

Tammy Wilhelm, a studio Manager at Orange Theory Fitness, said she notices more people come into the gym after New Year's.

"Mid-January and early February we do often see an influx of people coming in," Wilhelm said.

"For women, the number one goal that they always have is to flatten their tummies. For men, it's usually that they want bigger chests and arms," she added.

The manager said setting a good health goal is one thing, but making it actually happen is another.

"The hardest thing is putting that first foot into the door and getting into the studio," Wilhelm said. "If you want to change your body, you've got to work out four to five times a week."

Despite the challenge, Wilhelm said she couldn't imagine any other resolution topping the list.

"I think it is an excellent goal for someone to have to want to get fit," she said. "One reason - we absolutely feel better when we are fit. Exercising absolutely makes you feel good."

Although iQuanit's said more than 62 million searches on Google related to getting healthy, some Central Texans said that resolution is not on their minds.

Sarah Westbrook, a Baylor student and Waco resident, said her number one New Year's resolution is to become better for herself.

"My New Year's resolution is just to become the person that I've always needed," Westbrook said.

Derek Dallas, who also lives in Waco, said the resolution at the top of his list is to step out of the box.

"I'd like to explore more places," Dallas said. "[I'd like] To be more open-minded and try new things."

Another Waco resident, Tavarus Cummings, said his most important resolution is to look out for his family.

"I'm just trying to do better for my family - stay out," Cummings said. "Stay out of prison from here on out."

While getting healthy is at the top of iQuanti's list, these Central Texans said they wouldn't choose getting healthy. That's even when asked to choose between getting health, saving money, and traveling - all of which were on this New Year's resolutions list.

"Save more money," Cummings said. "I'm already in shape."

"I'm in the service trade - I work my body everyday, so I don't feel the need," Dallas said, then added that traveling would be his preference.

"I'd probably say save money because.That would lead to traveling more, and with all my extra money, I could hire someone to help me get in shape," Westbrook said.

Other top resolutions on iQuanti's list include living life to the fullest, learning new hobbies, and saving.

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