Calvert community reacts to police ambush shooting

Posted at 8:31 PM, Jan 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:38:10-05

The community in Calvert is in disbelief after a police officer was ambushed and shot while on duty.

According to the Law Enforcement Association of Brazos Valley, Officer Stephen Magnes was ambushed in Calvert, while on duty New Year's morning. 

Sheriff Gerald Yezak of Robertson County Sheriff's Office said Magnes was giving a woman a courtesy ride back to a residence near Hammond Power Plant when he came under fire. Magnes was shot in the back; the vest he was wearing stopped the round.

Although the officer survived, some people in Calvert cannot believe something like this happened in their town.

"For it to happen like that, that's really sad," said Bridget Wood, the owner of the only mom-and-pop restaurant in the town. "To see that that's in our community -- what does that represent for our youth growing up? It doesn't provide nothing here," she said.

Chris Cargill recently moved to Calvert from Hearne, and he said that a police ambush shooting in Calvert was surreal. 

"It was a big shock. We hear about things like this in bigger cities," Cargill said. "We don't ever think that this is gonna happen in small towns." 

Jennifer Caudle said her family has been in Calvert for generations, and hearing about Magnes' shooting was unbelievable.

"It's way too close to home," Caudle said. " And to think that there's someone capable of doing something like this in Calvert."

The suspect, Petrick Lashane Jones, 27, was arrested and charged with attempted capital murder. 

Magnes was treated and released from St. Joseph Regional Hospital. 

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