Multiple city leaders discuss resolutions to improve their communities for 2017

Posted at 10:57 PM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-30 11:58:45-05

Some Central Texas leaders are making New Year's resolutions for the cities they serve.

Each of the leaders discussed similar goals they plan to implement in 2017, in hopes of strengthening their communities for the new year.

Temple's Mayor Danny Dunn said even though the fiscal year starts over in October from a budgetary standpoint, it does not limit the possibilities for new ideas in the coming calendar year.

"Hitting January 1st, is a time for new ideas and new thoughts as to what we can do for the future," Dunn said.

Multiple city leaders said a top priority for them in the new year is to make their communities more walkable.

"I’m just looking forward to the next few months we have a lot of park projects and we have a lot of road work," Dunn said.  

Killeen’s Mayor Jose Segarra mentioned reconstruction projects that are a high priority for the city.

"My number one goal until I get that done that’s going to continue, and it’s to improve our north side especially in the Rancier part," Segarra said.  

He also said the Rancier area near Fort Hood has a lot of cultural history that needs to be preserved while improvements get made.

"I think that's our golden gate you know that the entrance to Fort Hood we got a lot of great businesses out there," Segarra said.

Belton's Mayor Marion Grayson resolves to embrace new businesses especially in the downtown area.

"It not only helps our businesses but it also provides something for our citizens to enjoy because people are more into walking around and shopping locally," Grayson said. 

Mayor Grayson said expansion projects are underway in Belton and one new business people can look forward to is a wine bar opening in the first quarter of the new year. 

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