Animal shelter struggles after Christmas holiday

Posted at 8:58 PM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:38:10-05

The Humane Society of Central Texas is totally full after a busy holiday week.

Emily Kiel is the foster program coordinator at the shelter and she said at least 40 animals found their forever homes beginning the weekend before Christmas and ending the weekend after the holiday. She said she thought it was a good thing those 40 dogs found homes. 

"They're supposed to be in homes with people that's why we call dogs man's best friend," said Kiel. 

Although the coordinator said she thought putting those dogs into homes was good, she said the shelter ended up taking in more dogs than they placed. Kiel says at least 90 dogs were taken in during the holiday week.

"We got 40 animals out but then also took in another 40 and then on top of that another 50 or so," said Kiel. "Not only did we fill all the kennels that we emptied we also added more on top of that. It's really overwhelming." 

The shelter worker said it is even more important people adopt because the shelter is full to capacity.

"I walk through the kennels and I think 'man they're all good dogs.' All of these dogs here have the potential to be the perfect dog for somebody's family. We just have to find that family," said Kiel. "There's no reason that these dogs should be here, they all deserve good homes." 

Peggy Dean has adopted from the Humane Society, and she said hopes she finds another dog.

"Once they're out of their cage, they're a whole different dog," said Dean. "To give them a good home and a second chance...I think that's the best that people can do." 

Kiel said that anyone who cannot adopt can still help the dogs at the shelter by volunteering, fostering shelter dogs, or making donations.

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