Mall chaos throughout US, CTX police and malls prepared

Posted at 12:23 PM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:44-04

Chaos and violence broke out at numerous malls across the nation Monday. 

In New Jersey, shoppers fled from Jersey Gardens Mall after a loud noise during a fight in the mall was mistaken for a gun shot. Fights also broke out in an Illinois mall.  

In a Tennessee mall, a brawl started after fireworks went off inside a store.

In Fort Worth, Hulen Mall went on lock down after police responded to the report of potential gunfire in the parking lot. There was no evidence found of a gun shot.

Shortly after, several large fights broke out throughout the Hulen mall involving 150 teenagers which led to the lock down. No one was seriously injured and a few teenagers were cited for fighting. 

One Fort Worth resident visiting friends in Killeen expressed her concern about the Hulen brawl after shopping at the Killeen Mall on Tuesday. 

"I regularly shop here and at the Hulen Mall in Fort Worth so it's kinda, it kinda makes you uncomfortable," Maya Williams said. 

In light of recent chaos in malls across the nation, Central Texas police departments and malls are staying prepared. 

"The Killeen Mall is aware of the incidents that happened yesterday at shopping centers around the country, and the safety and security of our shoppers and our employees is a top priority for Killeen Mall," Mall General Manager Denise Dasse said. "As part of our commitment to promoting our safe shopping center environment, we maintain a highly-trained security staff that's prepared to respond to a variety of emergency situations."

The Killeen Mall works hand-in-hand with the Killeen Police Department who said their officers are constantly training for any type of situation at the mall. 

"You know we aren't going to tell you what we are gonna do or how we are gonna do it, but the fact is that we always train for something like this, these situations to happen," Carroll Smith of the Killeen Police Department said.

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