Family reunites with dog after three years

Posted at 4:43 PM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 23:36:55-05

A family from Central Texas has reunited with their dog after three years. 

Robbie and Kimberly Clark said Cash was stolen from their backyard at their home in Valley Mills three years ago. 

"I was getting ready to go to work and we let him go potty outside like we do every morning. We couldn't find him," Kimberly said.

They said Cash had a routine, so it was unusual when they couldn't find him.

"It was like clockwork. Everyday we let him out almost at the exact same time. He does his thing, comes back in, scratches on the door and he's coming back in," Robbie said. "And that day he didn't and we're like that's not normal. So then the hunt began."

Kimberly, Robbie and their friends and family searched for Cash for months. They posted on Facebook asking for help and offered a $1,000 reward. People would call them and send them pictures of dogs, but they couldn't find Cash.

"I cried for months. This is my baby before I had my babies," Kimberly said.

Luckily, Cash was microchipped and was found in Woodway on Thursday.  

Someone saw Cash and called the Woodway Public Safety Department. Officers scanned the microchip and called Robbie and Kimberly.

Both said Cash has acted like he never left.

"Even riding in the truck, just the way he lays in your lap and put his head on the chin rest or sits in the middle," Robbie said. "He was doing that like completely right off. It's like when he got in it was like back to home."

Robbie got Kimberly Cash for Christmas eight years ago. For them, Christmas came a little early this year.

"We got married this year, too, so this is kind of like my first Christmas gift from [Robbie] and I got [Cash] back this year. So very exciting. I'm happy," Kimberly said.

Robbie and Kimberly want to encourage others to microchip their pets.

For more information on how you can microchip your pet, visit Humane Society Central TexasBell County Animal Clinic or contact your local veterinarian. 

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