Dozens of students receive free bikes

Posted at 6:27 PM, Dec 15, 2016
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:38:10-05

Children at both La Vega and Leon Heights Elementary schools received free bikes for challenging themselves in the classroom.

Students at La Vega had to meet several criteria in order to qualify for the chance to get a free bike. The school required the students turn in classwork and homework on time, encourage other students, use nice words, work well with their classmates, set positive examples, and remain discipline referral-free.

The school partnered with Academy Sports and Outdoors for the bike giveaway. The outdoor store donated 30 bikes for the kids at La Vega.

"It's exciting -- these kids are getting the opportunity to get a gift before Christmas," said Sonny Cowan, an Academy store director. "I see a lot of wanting eyes and a lot of excitement... they get to take this home with them and really not take for granted the success and the things they've put forth all years."

Shaunte Stewart is the school's principal. She said that having the giveaway at the school is what La Vega is all about.

"This is just another way where we can return something home with them for them bringing their students prepared," Stewart said. It shows that the school is supporting them at the home."

Stacy Martinez is a second grade teacher who nominated four of her students to receive a free bike.

"I was over the moon excited that all of my students would have the opportunity to win a bike," Martinez said. "It really makes them want to work harder everyday to show kindness, [and] to show pride in their work."

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