Texas to begin largest student athlete concussion database

Posted at 10:53 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 11:15:38-05

Monday, University Interscholastic League and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center announced what leaders are calling the country's largest effort to track brain injuries among young athletes.

Robinson High School trainer Chase Remini has seen his fair share of injuries. 

"Everybody wants to have this stigma of concussions being the big knockout blow when it's not," he said. 

Remini has seen student athletes take a physical toll playing a number of different sports. 

"It could be from multiple hits what are known as subconcussive hits," he said. 

Science on concussions has progressed, but researchers still have questions on the effects it has on young student athletes.To track the head injuries, UIL and the University of Texas Southwestern are introducing the CONTEX Registry.

UIL Deputy Director Dr. Jamey Harrison said keeping track of these injuries can help shape the research and needed changes.

"All of those scientific findings from a world-class science institution will help inform policy decisions as we move forward in all of our sports," Dr. Harrison said. 

Athletic trainers and coaches will be able to enter injuries into an app or website. That information will then be shared with researchers.

Remini hopes that more data will lead to better treatment. 

"The more we can focus our understanding on what a concussion is the better that we can focus on treating our athletes," Remini said. 

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