Waco Family must choose between medicines and home for Christmas

Posted: 10:57 PM, Dec 11, 2016
Updated: 2016-12-12 06:01:14Z
Waco Family must choose between medicines and home for Christmas

While many families are trying to make the decision between which gifts to buy their loved ones this holiday season, the Miller family of Robinson are trying to determine which medications the family can afford. 

Officer Zeb Miller, his wife Lacey, and their three girls are all facing serious medical complications. While Lacey admits they had several difficult Christmases, this year is especially tough. "This year, we are packing up our house and selling off all our worldly possessions that we can," she said.

Right now, the family is facing over $250,000 worth of medical bills. Officer Miller, a veteran, was thrown into a steel wall while serving overseas. He still faces trauma and medical complications. Recently, he has suffered from Grand Mal seizures. While the family would like him to retire for his health, he is the sole breadwinner.

His job is vital in caring for the medical expenses of Lacey and daughters Karmen and Lizette, who have been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. With no help from insurance and an ongoing dispute for benefits from the VA, the family must pay out of pocket for as many as 85 prescriptions and as many as 10 medical appointments a week. 

"We thought it wouldn't be so bad when it was just one of us. And then when it was just two of us. And then when it was just three of us, and at this point, all five of us are just having incredible problems. It's scary," Miller said. 

A friend of the family, Emily Ecklund said that despite the adversity, the Millers have a positive attitude. 

"She loves her family in a fierce way. Watching her go through this, I'm amazed at how she has kept joy," Ecklund said.

The Miller family said while the holidays will be tough, they are helping their girls appreciate more than just the material things. 

"It's so important for us to teach our girls to find joy and find happiness in even the darkest of places because I don't want them to go through life and think that they can be beaten by those things," Miller said. 

The family is hoping to raise enough money to move into a tractor trailer. They say that will allow them to focus on paying for the proper care for the next one to two years. Friends have set up an online fund here

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