How to prepare your pets for cold weather

Posted at 4:04 PM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 18:00:51-05

As we bundle up to brace the cold weather hitting Central Texas, it's important to remember those who can't do it without our help: our furry friends.

"The animals will get cold. They'll get chills. Just like you and I, they'll get cold if we don't have something protecting them from the wind and stuff," Killeen Animal Shelter manager Edward Tucker said.

Tucker said it's important to make sure our pets are protected from the freezing temperatures, especially if they're outside.

"It's a possibility they can catch some type of cough or a kennel cough or they can even get frostbite if it starts freezing and they're outside and they don't have the ability to stay warm," he said.

That's why staff at the animal shelter take all the necessary steps to ensure the animals are kept warm.

"Our animals here will be inside their cages, heaters going, and extra blankets provided on top of the heaters so that they stay warm on the concrete floors that we have," Tucker said.

And he said dog owners have to do that, too, because it's the law.

A Killeen city ordinance states your outside pets must have a proper shelter. That means it must have four walls, a hard bottom, and a roof on top.
It must also be small enough to keep your pet warm but big enough to let them stand.

Tucker said you can call police if you think an animal is in an unsafe environment.

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